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Faster access to cash on a project by project basis. Moneybush has a solution.


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25% average Return on Investment, short term, asset backed.



There are those who would have us believe that Fintech is a recent development, but they would be in error. Surprising as it may seem, the first great pioneer of this fundraising approach died four hundred years ago yesterday on ...


About Us


Moneybush is something completely new. It is a revolution in Finance. It connects investors seeking a decent return on their money with businesses seeking short-term finance for revenue-generating projects. Irish businesses, particularly the smaller companies which employ most workers, are being starved of credit by the existing pillar banks. Moneybush bypasses the banks altogether, introducing investors with money to businesses seeking it. Moneybush investors will only provide finance to projects that can clearly demonstrate an ability to generate new revenue. They will not lend merely to refinance existing debt. The fundamental principle that drives all business, including SMEs, is to generate increased revenue. Moneybush believes that making more money is what pays your debts not borrowing more.


Moneybush was founded by Ger Nunan and John Whelan, who between them have well over half-a-century of hands-on business experience. In their time they have been both project creators and investors. They know what it is like to have business loan applications rejected by the banks. Ger and John have been joined by Dan White, one of Ireland’s best-known financial journalists. Dan has been putting his unrivalled knowledge of the Irish economy and business to good use; generating the incisive, up-to-the minute research that has allowed Moneybush to fine-tune its strategy.


Moneybush fully recognises the responsibilities it owes to the wider society in which it operates. We will be donating 5% of our revenues to charity dedicated to helping the homeless. While the banks make people homeless, Moneybush tries to do the opposite. The Moneybush philosophy is one of doing well by doing good.


Ger, John and Dan believe that the only way to release the full potential of the Irish economy is to rescue deposits from the dead hand of the banks and make them available to finance revenue-generating business projects. They passionately believe that the very people who can fix this economy continue to be strangled of credit facilities by this government and the banks. "Our Mission is to provide a dynamic marketplace for Entrepreneurs and Project Creators (SMEs) to source short-term finance from Investors who are seeking a decent return on their money".

Money Bushes
Money Bushes

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John Whelan John WhelanCo-Founder
Ger Nunan Ger NunanCo-Founder